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Strong New Leadership for Newport-Mesa Schools
Kids first. ALL KIDS.

Michelle Murphy is a proud wife and mother of 2 boys attending Newport-Mesa schools while she works as an active member of our Costa Mesa community. Michelle is passionate about her children’s education and is determined to advocate for all children as our School Board Trustee to create a positive environment for student success.

Currently, Michelle is involved in our district as the President of Kaiser Woodland’s PFO (Parent Faculty Organization) where she knows firsthand that more can be done for students to provide exceptional educational opportunities and create a sense of security and well-being throughout their scholastic career. With a Masters Degree in Social Work from USC, Michelle has worked tirelessly over her 30-year career to find common ground between diverse groups and advocate for kids’ success.

As our next Trustee, Michelle is determined for the district to deliver more proactive solutions to the issues our kids face today. She will advocate for more open and transparent communication between the District and community, better allocation of resources to address the needs of students, especially addressing mental health issues, and most importantly, serve as a trusted voice for parents, leading the way to create a Board that is more in touch with families and the problems they face now and in the future.

Our district needs strong leadership that will fight to bring home Costa Mesa’s fair share of resources and deliver for our kids the same quality education that top-ranked Newport Beach schools receive as reducing the achievement gap is paramount. The pandemic shutdowns presented further challenges for our kids’ education, and now more than ever, we need a trusted, experienced and responsive leader serving as our voice on the School Board.

Your vote will make a difference in this important local election. Join in support of our campaign to elect a trusted voice, better choice!

Michelle Murphy is running for Area 2 to bring a trusted voice to our elected School Board. She has the experience to ask the tough questions, research solutions and listen carefully to the concerns and desires of our parents, teachers, administration, staff and fellow board members to:

  1. Address the achievement gap and disparity in academic success for schools in Costa Mesa. It’s unacceptable that in the same school district, some schools in Newport are ranked among the best in OC, yet just up the street we have several schools in Costa Mesa falling to the bottom of countywide rankings. We deserve a strong advocate to bring home our kids a fair share of resources to create more educational opportunities for success.
  2. Hire more experienced and trained professionals to serve the mental health and healthcare needs of our kids. With our students still reeling from the impact of recent school closures, the school board must be focused on providing adequate mental health support and access to services, as well as improved infrastructure for protecting all kids’ health in our schools.
  3. Protect our taxpayer dollars from wasteful and inefficient spending. Our School Board must rethink projects that are over-budget and drawn out. Michelle is committed to ensuring taxpayer dollars are spent judiciously and efficiently.
  4. Deliver responsive and transparent communication. The need for this in decision-making from NMUSD reached a boiling point for many of us when the pandemic and school closures took hold, with snap decisions affecting our kids schedules and a failure to take adequate consideration of recommendations from public health experts. Michelle’s decades of leadership experience in public affairs will help to bring about a new era of timely, responsive decision-making on behalf of parents and families in our district.
  5. Focus on our teacher community. Teachers should be able to openly communicate with the administration and the School Board about their needs for additional tools and training to help their students, to help them grow in their professions and empower their learning environments so that every child can reach their potential.

Michelle is committed to open dialogue and transparency. We need a new era of leadership in reaching out to parents and organizations in our schools to help bridge gaps in communication and understanding. Michelle will work with parents and teachers to ensure our school budget is balanced and aligned to meet the needs and priorities of Costa Mesa’s diverse student population as we work to recover from the Pandemic.

Michelle is a firm believer that investing in all our children now means a vibrant future for our whole community. We have a good school district, but we could have a great one. Our School Board should want for all students what we want for our own kids; to be cared for and respected, to be challenged and encouraged, and most importantly, to have every opportunity to succeed made available to them. Our children deserve the same exceptional educational experiences that so many of us had growing up in the public school system.


Michelle is the ONLY candidate for NMUSD Area 2 trusted by a bipartisan coalition of parents, teachers and local leaders:

✅ Elected Officials:

  • Katie Porter, United States Congress Member*
  • Dave Min, California State Senator*
  • Cottie Petrie-Norris, California State Assembly Member*
  • Katrina Foley, Orange County Supervisor*
  • John Stephens, Costa Mesa Mayor*
  • Andrea Marr, Costa Mesa Mayor Pro-Tem*
  • Manuel Chavez, Costa Mesa City Council Member*
  • Loren Gameros, Costa Mesa City Council Member*
  • Arlis Reynolds, Costa Mesa City Council Member*
  • Jeff Harlan, Costa Mesa City Council Member*
  • Barbara Delgleize, Huntington Beach Mayor*
  • Charlene Metoyer, School Board Trustee*
  • Ashley Anderson, School Board Trustee*
  • Leah Ersoylu, School Board Trustee*
  • Carol Crane, School Board Trustee*
  • Liz Dorn Parker, Coast Community College District Trustee*

✅ Organizations:

  • Newport-Mesa Federation of Teachers
  • Women In Leadership
  • Women for American Values & Ethics (WAVE)
  • Moms Demand Action (Gun Sense Candidate Distinction)
  • Orange County Labor Federation
  • Orange County Employees Association
  • Democratic Party of Orange County
  • Costa Mesa Democratic Club
  • Planned Parenthood Community Action Fund
  • National Women’s Political Caucus (Orange County Chapter)

✅ Community Leaders:

  • Claudia Perez, Orange County Planning Commissioner*
  • Charlene Ashendorf, Costa Mesa Arts Commissioner*
  • Liz McNabb, fmr Costa Mesa Parks & Community Services Commission Chair*
  • Tom Arnold, fmr Interim Fire Chief, Costa Mesa Fire Department*
  • Lindsey Angelats, CHOC Hospital*
  • Cynthia Blackwell, fmr NMUSD Educator*
  • Stacy Deeble-Reynolds, OC Dept. of Education*
  • Janet & Kevin Flynn, NMUSD Parents*
  • Deena Margolis, UWGLA*
  • Sara Mooney, NMUSD Parent*
  • Tammy Owney, NMUSD Parent*
  • Ilia Rolon, First 5 OC*
  • Eliza Rubenstein, OCC Educator*
  • Courtney Schaack, NMUSD Parent*
  • Laurie Smith, Former NMUSD Educator*
  • Hedy Wertenbrook, NMUSD Parent*

*Titles listed for identification purposes only